When a fellow colleague & friend, first reached out to me to shoot some #Stills tackling on the subject of Mental Illness: Depression & Anxiety – I couldn’t wait to shoot, finish and post this project!

Still Session

Concept: Common Misconception

Featured Creative: Jesse Schiffmacher

Being an individual that is passionate about everything “Behind-the-Scenes”  I fell in love with the stories and personal experiences, Jesse Schiffmacher and I had to exchange about Depression & Anxiety.  We found ourselves so passionately driven to create a concept that would raise awareness and rid negative stigma on Mental Illness.

I am so grateful to have Jesse, a willing soul to exhibit the common spaces of struggles for Depression & Anxiety. Projects like this remind me why I love shooting and capturing behind-the-scenes life. I love it so much because I get to see what’s real, and what actually exists! This is what I enjoy. This is what I love. I love to capture what’s behind the curtain because at the end of the day there’s a soul living underneath. And where there’s a soul, there’s a creative. The opportunity to give a close-up to a creative’s life is a gift I’m willing to capture any day.

Shoutout to Jesse Schiffmacher, Cracker (white cat), & Grey (grey cat) for being beautiful subjects!


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