Marns Motions Music Monday Playlist #1

Music has always been an important part of my life. It’s inspired so many areas of my life’s journey that I decided to give my playlists a place on the Marns Motions platform.

“Dan: You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist. Greta: I know you can. That’s what’s worrying me.” –Begin Again (2013)

Music has always been that rhythmic companion that’s served as my dance partner, consoler, life coach, motivator, and many other roles I’m sure I’m bound to experience. As I’m writing this post I feel a bit scared to share the music I like to listen to. However, I also believe that Music has the power to connect people from places all over the world on an intimate level – that type of magic always moves me! So, I’ve gathered my courage to muster up the effort to reveal to you a set of songs once a week.

I’ve created a playlist of 7 Songs, one song for each day of the week or 7 songs for the whole week ready for your repeat! 😉


I hope to connect with others who resonate with the music that I share. Every Monday of the week, I’ll have a new set of seven songs. Feel free to share this list, and leave a comment. Tell me which song meets your favorites, or share a lyric you personally resonate with. If you have any songs that you personally enjoy and think I should check out ,feel free to comment and share the name of the song – if I dig it I’ll use it in a future playlist posting!  ❤

These 7 songs are selected in a way the purely resonates with me. Whether this music helps you dance your cares away, inspires your own creative craft practices or takes you to a place of pleasure, I truly hope that by sharing my music playlist I can connect to more hearts out there in the world. Take a listen. I’m curious what you’ll hear.  ❤

Marns Motions Music Monday Playlist 1  – MMMM #1 Spotify Playlist !


Flowers by The Deli


Try a little tenderness by Otis Redding


That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars


90’s Love by Ambre Perkins


Hopeless Romantic by Meghan Trainor


Tell It Like It Is by Aaron Neville

Sunday Special*

Table by Kehlani (feat.Little Simz) *music video only

Thank you for taking the time to listen today! ❤


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