Marns Motions Music Monday Playlist 5

“See me rise, See me go, See me do my thing and never let go ”
– Nomadic Massive

My favorite lyric from last week’s Music Monday Playlist goes to Keep Pushin by Nomadic Massive

First week of the new year was a whirlwind for me! Ready for 2nd week in? Here’s a set of 7 songs to kick off your 2nd week of the new year!

I hope you enjoy these new set of songs this week! Feel free to listen to each song on Spotify by clicking each song link.

“These 7 songs are selected in a way the purely resonates with me. Whether this music helps you dance your cares away, inspires your own creative craft practices or simply takes you to a place of pleasure, I truly hope that by sharing my music playlists I can connect to more hearts out there in the world. Take a listen. I’m curious what you’ll hear.  <3”

Marns Motions Music Monday Playlist 5  – MMMM #5 Spotify Playlist! 


Summer Montage /  Madeline by Justin Hurwitz


Hello of Goodbye by Christon Gray


Sugar by IshDARR


Hallucinating by Elohim


NYPD Blues by Lauriana Mae


Only the Poets by Marc E. Bassy

Sunday Special*

Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

 *check out the Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko Music Video!

I remember seeing this video for the first time and I was literally in love with every moment of it. This video inspires me so much, this is the work I aspire to create more of ❤



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