What They Want | Telley Maybir Inspired

“I’m a DIY pioneer
They tryna get involved” – Russ | What They Want

Featured Creative: Telley Maybir  | DANCER


This lovely lady came to me with a concept and I was happy to bring her choreography to life as we created a video that was inspired by music | Russ – What They Want  

A  MARNS MOTIONS production

CHOREOGRAPHY • Telley Maybir

TSHIRT/ARTWORK • Andre Alejandro •
@dred0e / @andrealejandro.x

MAKEUP • Jamie Camiling

Danielle Maybir • @dani._______
Arielle Barba • @ayerielle
Marnin Abad • @abadmarnin
Alexa Quizon • @heyalexarae
Jamie Camiling • @jamiecamiling
Justine Banal • @dorkmagiciangirl
Telley Maybir • @telleycakes

Special Thanks to • Juli / DJ Smoothie • @_julirae_

Inspired by

MUSIC/SONG • Russ – What They Want

 Create • Capture • Collaborate


Screenshot 2017-01-19 14.00.03 copy.png


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