I never addressed the thought of having mental illness till I took a turn for the worst.


In January 2014, I was hospitalized after having attempted suicide and was diagnosed with Major Depression. As I dived deeper into therapy soon afterwards, I came to learn that I also suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Since my diagnosis, I struggled to positively affect my life but I turned to creativity for motivation and healing. I began to commit my passions in videography, while also discovering that it was helping me grow positive curiosities towards life and even inspired those I worked with to pursue their own voice creatively. I believe that creativity has infinite powers to heal and grow the world. I hope to share that gift through my work and collaborations in videography. By providing the everyday creative the space to visualize their visions,

I get to breathe with satisfaction that I’m doing exactly what I believe brings me to life.

Videography saved my curiosity.

It kept my creativity alive.

I guess in some way it saved my life.

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