I will admit as an only child I grew up envying those with siblings during tough times. I recently went through a few triggers of sorts and after I’ve been journaling I’ve decided to share a poem as I post these still photos I took of a few little ones on Melrose Ave.



I wrote something to ease my mind of its triggers. Inspired by sibling conversations I’ve heard through the years of couch hopping and friend-fam gatherings. I imagine I would’ve heard these words if I had a sibling ♥

 Let’s See Where This Goes

I think this is sweet

I think this is small

I know some people who think this not beautiful at all.

I think he’s silly

Did you see her she’s so funny

I like your company

I like your care

I love especially when I know you’re there.

Let’s do this and maybe later we can also do that
Let’s pass some time and just make them laugh

I don’t know either but wanna see it together

You’re my sister that’s all that matters

Take some time off don’t you want to see

I know they don’t know that’s why we should go

let’s go now and see

Let’s see where this goes!


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