This month of May has been mentally tough for me so I decided that due to particular events that have happened this month – I will use this negative energy to take initiative and step forward to speaking up on the issues that are important to me. This month is National Mental Health Awareness Month and I’m sharing 7 things I like to do when my Depression & PTSD symptoms arise:

1. I like to watch animated movies like…

  • Inside Out – Sadness is my absolute favorite ♥
  • Lilo & Stitch – I relate a lot with Stitch’s character
  • Happy Feet – I find Mumble’s spirit to be very motivational and encouraging. I also love the music in the movie. Oh and I absolutely adore penguins!!!

2. Be a Cookie Monster

Living with PTSD my emotions can arise to the very brim and my supportive friends can testify that I can look/feel like a monster. So I try to sweeten up my perspective by making myself a Cookie Monster. HA! I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but I can’t say no to an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie. I can rest assured that even though my mind may not like me, I know my tummy will thank me. So I muster up enough energy and get to baking some of those yummy chocolate chip cookies.

3. Scribble & Sketch for a Sec 

I’m not that great of a drawer. But it’s always been a craft I’ve always admired, so when the negative Nancy’s come out for their usually gossipy-chit chats I take out my pen and paper and draw what I know for now. I hope to learn a bit more as I go, especially ever since I’ve invested in Skillshare I have been interested in getting more crafty and learning more on typography.

4. Listen to that Good Feel Music

Music is an absolute must for me during my dark days! A few go-to lyrics I like listening to are from artists like:

Russ – “Movin’ to the rhythm
Of my intuition
Any thing I want I
Speak into existence
That’s how I’m living
That’s how I’m winning”

Kojey Radical  – “Love all trust few do wrong to none
You know the policy
Tell them to leave and they love me
These blogs get way too comfy
Hit the word count but do the words count
My words be more to the public, never
Sugarcoated never sugarcoated”

Kehlani – “Tryna forget all of the messages
Tryna forget all of the stressin’
‘Cause damn it was”

5. Write Vomit

Similar to word vomiting. I consider myself a private person when it comes to mentally throwing up. So I do that by writing down my responses to the negative thoughts or traumatic flashbacks. I like to put down anything and everything onto paper, sometimes I do get an outburst of expression that I find good enough to post on my twitter. This helps me speak up for myself and continue to stand up for my truth. I find it very helpful and sometimes find others who resonate with the writings as well. ♥ The writings help me to mentally feel less alone.

6. Stretch & Do Some Yoga

I was first introduced to Yoga in college when I was studying Theater and had a Voice & Movement class. I didn’t continue practicing until recently as my anxiety attacks have increased. Believe it or not, I wasn’t able to touch my toes or even concur the ‘Asian Squat’ when I first started. I was far from physically flexible. But now I can say I have the flexibility to do both of those things and the breathing techniques I’ve learned from yoga have helped calm my thoughts and ease my mind. I’ve grown to love yoga and the gifts it’s given me mentally, physically, and spiritually.

7. Dance

Dance is a definite love of mine. Dancing never fails to bring brightness back to my heart. I recommend tuning into some of the Music Playlists on Spotify and find what makes you move. I suggest artist Leven Kali listed on my most recent playlist MMMMPlaylist 11 – When You Sip From the Grapevine his song has definitely helped me stir up some Joy!

I’ve always turned to creativity for safety when triggering events occur. I only hope that by creating this post it may serve as a creative resource for those looking for new activities and to also serve as a hope for others struggling to cope with their own mental illnesses too.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and look a little closer to my life behind-the-scenes. Although I understand everyone’s mental journey varies, for those struggling with Depression & PTSD I hope this serves you in a way that reminds you – you are not alone in all that you go through. ♥ #thanksforbeinghere

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