It’s Okay

It’s okay to say “No, that’s not okay.”  It’s okay to walk away.

I’ve recently had to set assertive boundaries because of my mental health. I guess in some way you can say I went through an emotional cardiac arrest with someone who’s role is very close.  I’ve come to learn through my own experience, that those that cause you pain can be the closest to you and that characteristic alone of a relationship makes it hard to let go.  Because of current mental instability, I took it upon myself to check myself in the psychiatric hospital and take the time to pull the mental weeds & re-grow more through therapy.  Since then I’ve relied on support from my trusted “friemily” ♥ (friend-family) and taken time off work to get my mind organized. After much reflection, I’ve decided to take care of myself by moving forward and begin sharing my story as I go through my journey of keeping myself motivated to move forward as well. 

I was inspired after watching Wonder Woman twice in theaters this past week. If you haven’t yet seen this gorgeous movie, I highly recommend you go see it!

I realized I wanted to share my story simply because it’s something I personally haven’t yet seen. I took it upon myself to create the goal of moving forward by becoming more of what I want to see more of – creatively unafraid to speak on behalf of what matters most to the heart and on behalf of personal experiences behind-the-scenes. I hope to open up speaking up on my personal journey through mental illness, sharing my personal creative encounters through my collaborations and creative coping workouts as well! The only means of curiosity as of now that personally creates the utmost amount of motivation for me is creativity. So walk with me or don’t but this is how I start my journey and how I choose to cope. For those that took the time to listen, #thanksforbeinghere. For those who have personally supported me #thanksforhavingme 

It's Okay

My therapist said I'm grieving,

"Be gentle to yourself okay?"

If only it were that easy,

But "Yea. Sure, Okay?"

It's a loss that's nothing new

I'm just disappointed that I trusted thinking it's gotta be new. 

It's Okay
You loved, you lossed. You experienced some shit. 
Good for you. 

It's Okay, I'll keep moving forward. 
With or Without you.

Thank you to those who knew and still supported what I had to go through.
Thank you to those who took the time to empathize as I share what I go through. 
It's because of you, it's easier to say "Okay, it really is okay."

Moving Forward. See you in the few. ♥



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