No Regrets | MMMM Playlist #14

“Your every wish is my command
With the Gin and tonic in your hand
Only words that me and you can understand
Pretending that nobody knows
We’re already in the cab home ”

My favorite lyric from last month’s music playlist goes to History by Cosmo’s Midnight

No Regrets 

Click  ↑ to listen MMMM Playlist #14


2016-logo• Keeping Creativity Alive •


Why do you create playlists?  Whether this music helps you dance your cares away, inspires your own creative craft practices or simply takes you to a place of pleasure, I truly hope that by sharing my music playlists I can connect to more hearts out there in the world. Take a listen. I’m curious what you’ll hear.  <3” – (MMMM #1 Playlist Post)

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