Keeping 26 Things

Tomorrow I will be 27  – officially at 1:00am | October 25

I tend to struggle to see my birthday with a positive light for various reasons. Sometimes I forget the little things that I like about living. So I decided to get creative by making this list of 26 things that will serve as a healing reminder that I’ve got plenty to look forward to.

So, before I’m another day older, I leave you with a list of

26 things I personally hope to keep doing for me…

  1. Watching Disney Animations – they make me smile.
  2. Eating Cookies – Chocolate Chip is still #1
  3. Taking Walks
  4. Ujjayi Breathing
  5. Dancing in the Morning
  6. Get Lost Rides
  7. Jumping when Excited
  8. Drinking Water
  9. Positive Morning Affirmations
  10. Singing Loud in the shower
  11. Stretching Everyday
  12. Giving Squeezable Hugs
  13. Having Cafe Du Monde Coffee
  14. Making time for Crafting
  15. Watching Movies Alone
  16. Eating Out Alone
  17. People Watching
  18. Hair Coloring
  19. Journaling
  20. Friend-Fam Outings + Events
  21. Documenting Life
  22. Growing Plants
  23. Asking Questions
  24. Supporting my loved ones
  25. Believing
  26. Learning to do what’s right.

If you only had X amount of things to keep in your next year…What would you like to keep?



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