Something New | MMMM Playlist #17

“You wanna prove you’re the better man
You wanna reach for the things that nobody can
Oh all you need is to break away, yeah
Just keep telling yourself there’s no shame”

My favorite lyric from last month’s music playlist goes to HOT BLOOD by Kaleo.

Select lyrics were chosen to create this poem, words from artists in this month’s playlist – I hope you get to hear more than you already know and most of all enjoy what you feel!


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"Darling days are bleeding into tears
Give me solitude, I need something new.

All I ever wanted 
Was to find a way to express the things I feel

I wear my heart on my sleeve for the world to see
I'm only human, so please just pray for me

My love is more potent
Than anything in the cup that you're holdin'

I just want you to know. I found a reason for me.

You preach 'bout revolution and dreams, I really do this
I lead by my example, I see fame as a nuisance
I don't take it for granted but god dammit
Sometimes I can't stand it

Just let the music take your mind.
Just release and you will find.

No rainy, no windy, no sun
Just music and just with the one."


"Something New" 
Lyrics from Cailin Russo, Alayna, Maurice Moore, Zara Larsson, Ty Dolla $ign, Hoobastank, Syd, Gallant, Andra Day, FKJ   

Why do you create playlists?  Whether this music helps you dance your cares away, inspires your own creative craft practices or simply takes you to a place of pleasure, I truly hope that by sharing my music playlists I can connect to more hearts out there in the world. Take a listen. I’m curious what you’ll hear.  <3” – (MMMM #1 Playlist Post)

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