Please don’t ask me what I think of you, don’t do that to me.

It puts me in a place of expectation and that, for me, is too scary.

To be put in a place where I have permission to actually play is a hole I no longer dress like a rabbit for these days.

I’ve made their magic.

I’ve slept in their sleeves.

So please don’t ask me what I think…JUST BE HERE, that’s all I need.

Let’s not rob the magic, where we’re both free.

I’ve come so far resisting urge after urge hoping to shut my eyes permanently.

This doesn’t have to be hard, neither am I wanting easy.

I just want to be here actually living, where I know you can hear me.

I can hear my heart align with yours, even when it speaks heavily. Can’t you see that’s all I need?

You breathing here is enough for me.

I can always rephrase or even mangle words creatively…but actions are what sting- and those tend to replay involuntarily.

Ask me something else,

I would love to hear your happy.

May what I think of you never come to haunt me.


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