STAPLE 2 | Playlist – I HIDE IT



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“No this ain’t the clean version. They don’t want to see you win, so it’s fuck ’em till the end. And they always gonna hate, always gonna have some shit to say. I gotta say I’m in the mood for a little bit of all that. I ain’t got much in the bank, I got a lot I can say. I won’t ever be fake that ain’t up for debate. I know what you need to make it through the night. I can get you right. I need somebody who loves me naked, someone who never asks for love but knows how to take it. But I get high every night when I’m all alone cause it helps me forget that I’m feeling low. When I count all my blessings, I can’t even be scared anymore. When I feel crazy I hide it and fall apart in private. My mirrors are the only one who see my tears. There’s nothing to my sadness its a chemical imbalance and my head is damaged way beyond repair. Shake the nerves off, in the name of dance off shake the nerves off. People are human but I think they’re made out of steel. Living in a bad world no lie.”


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