Staple 3 | Playlist – Sticky Situation



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“Singing my life with his words. Breaking us down when they all should let us be.  I still feel alone, can’t help but check my phone.  I don’t need your poison around me. Keep that shit the fuck over there please. Don’t act like you don’t see these boundaries.  What started as a simple altercation turned into a sticky situation.  A thousand times I’ve seen this road. You must have confused me with someone else.  You don’t have to fill this emptiness.  I’ve got new rules I count them. Are you that somebody? Me oh my I thought it was a dream, so it seemed. I can only hope nothing is gonna come out, but there it is on the tip of my tongue. I think I love you. It ain’t drugs it ain’t lust but it feels like it’s numbing my pain. Something is broken and my wings won’t open, I don’t know why.  I dance with grace relieve the pain erase the grey under the trees. Something in you lift up heaven in me.  Throw me in the deep end see if I can swim in you.  You can’t kill greatness you reincarnate. I’m that bitch that you love to hate.”


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