Little Things = Huge Deals

Recently someone pointed out to me that I get really excited over little things.

I thought about this…and they were absolutely right!

I am extremely fascinated by tiny things – with my 5 foot filipino features tiny things especially make me feel like a big deal. Metaphorically speaking, I do also enjoy the little things.

Looking at (the) little things help me find positive curiosity on my dim days and jump start my creative productivity.

Don’t get me wrong obsessing over the little things can also get me cultivating negative downward spirals at times – I’m human, it’s what we do πŸ˜‰ I try to keep an eye out for those moments. If you have any suggestions or tips in this area feel free to share!

Personally, I’ve discovered that focusing on little things with intentions of uncovering hidden treasures imaginatively invites sparks of joy throughout my life. These creative little sparks get me through my days – like a caffeine fix, little things give me that extra mental energy to persevere.Β I find that starting with the tiniest thing in the room and finding curiosity in it allows positive light to truly sink in mentally rather than spiraling to my reflex-like depressive habits. Like an ego boost, I guess you can say little things make my heart feel special.


I hope you find this post helpful in some way. If you don’t already know someone with mental illness you just might be standing next to one. I googled mental health statistics to find an infographic graphic from to share!MulticulturalMHFacts10-23-15.jpg

Wishing you all more empathy for your days! #mentalillnessadvocate #endthestigma

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