Letting Grow

How does one grow? What constitutes growth? Does growth hurt?

Based on my experiences, I’ve found that growth can come with immense pain and can often require sacrifice. I bring myself today to these questions as a hope for curiosity rather than swirling down in my habitual negativity. ♥ Feel me?

For those who have been following my recent posts, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Staple 5 Playlist. It’s definitely been on repeat – especially because I’m preparing to leave my home base of Los Angeles. I’m making major adjustments and shifts and the music has been much of what has been holding me together throughout all of it. If you have any advice/suggestions for a movement such as mine – feel free to let a girl know a thing or two. Also, be on the lookout for links on my Instagram for potential giveaways/goodies!

Care to show some love & comment below your thoughts, things, and maybe some in betweens. If you haven’t heard these words yet – here are some you shouldn’t forget:

You are worthy! You are enough! You deserve all the care!



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