Calm & Collected

A good amount of curiosity has been flowing regarding my moving away from the sunshine-y state of California.

Today, I’ll be entertaining that CURiOUS flow!

These are the questions that I turn to today as I practice curbing my negativity for productive ways:

What do you turn to when your negative mind gets really loud?
What exactly does it look like to be calm & collected?
How effective can one be while at their calmest state?

A couple weeks ago it was brought to my attention that I wasn’t connected with my current environment. Despite my love for California and it’s spoiling social amenities – I found that I needed to take time in a space that could better hold my mind at its current state. Unfortunately, my recent trigger struggles with my depression and ptsd have significantly grown as well. After mentally marinating & gathering my personal pros/cons, I came to the conclusion that I would best be collected exploring spaces outside of the city.

I felt a stronger call than usual to take care of my eager needs.  My desire for a calm & collected space became more and more urgent – I longed for a space where my mind can curiously flow. As I take each day slowly as I pack to go, I have to say I’m excited to embark on my journey towards peaceful living where I feel most positive in my curious flows.

Do you have any CURiOUS questions or something you would like to privately say?

Click → this then speak your truth(s)!

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 11.07.30 PM.png

Care to show some love & comment below your thoughts, things, and maybe some in betweens. If you haven’t heard these words yet – here are some not to forget:

You are kind! You are creative! You deserve to be celebrated!



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