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“Don’t worry about me, I’m doing good, I’m doing great alright.”

Song Title: Pretty Ugly | Artist: Tierra Whack | Album: Whack World

“I know it’s funny, but it’s true.”

Song Title: Body Count | Artist: Jessie Reyez | Album: Body Count

“I know what you like baby.”

Song Title: Come Over| Artist: The Internet | Album: Come Over

“Yea, I worked my ass off but what for?”

Song Title: Oh Lord| Artist: Jessie J | Album: R.O.S.E. (Realisations)

“Talk about it but they never gon’ do shit. Miss me with the bullshit.

Song Title: Miss Me| Artist: Leikeli47 | Album: Wash & Set

“I try to ignore it. But home’s looking farther the closer I get.”

Song Title: Growing Pains| Artist: Alessia Cara | Album: Growing Pains

“I make money. Share my time. I need something to be mine, for me. I’m impatient give me space. Always working far away, for me. ”

Song Title: Easy On Me| Artist: Jessie J | Album: R.O.S.E. (Realisations)

“I seal my ends on the go
Come get into my new growth.”

Song Title: Wash & Set| Artist: Leikeli47 | Album: Wash & Set

“You’ve got a good reputation, but it’s no revelation when you’ve been running all over town. Making a fool of me now.”

Song Title: Say it to my face| Artist: Madison Beer | Album: As She Pleases

“She looks right through me and I turn to stone.”

Song Title: Medusa| Artist: Kailee Morgue | Album: Medusa

“I think you’re fucking beautiful, all your flaws you should let them show.”

Song Title: Beautiful| Artist: Qveen Herby | Album: EP 3

“We don’t fight for the money, for the greedy, for the white man. All we want is our freedom and the right to live on our mother land.”

Song Title: Us (feat. Rocky Rivera, Klassy, Faith Santilla)| Artist: Ruby Ibarra

“So much to say but I don’t speak.”

Song Title: Hurt Somebody (with Julia Michaels)| Artist: Noah Kahan

“I fucking hate you. But I love you just the same”

Song Title: Just the Same| Artist: Charlotte Lawrence | Album: Just the Same

“Had to ghost. Break it off”

Song Title: Ghost| Artist: Awkwafina | Album: In Fina We Trust

“This could only go two ways
I’m with you or with you in my dirty mind”

Song Title: Dirty Minds| Artist: Stanaj, Ty Dolla $ign | Album: Dirty Minds

“You know some days you feel so good in your own skin
But it’s okay if you wanna change the body that you came in
‘Cause you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen
We’re all just playing a game in a way, trying to win at life”

Song Title: Most Girls| Artist: Hailee Steinfeld | Album: Most Girls

“Someday we’ll know, why I wasn’t meant for you…”

Song Title: Someday We’ll Know| Artist: Mandy Moore| Album: A Walk to Remember

“I won’t beg for your love. Won’t say, “Please”.  I won’t fall to the ground on my knees. You know I’ve given this everything”

Song Title: Done for me (feat. Kehlani | Artist: Charlie Puth, Kehlani

“Emotional, but I won’t define myself on the past
Balance is key, understanding I can won’t be always in control
Sometimes the right road goes by taking the broken path”

Song Title: I believe in love| Artist: Jessie J | Album: R.O.S.E (Empowerment)

“I could never blame you. No one ever taught you how to love right.”

Song Title: Apple Juice| Artist: Jessie Reyez | Album: Apple Juice

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