STAPLE 7 – Just What I Want



“You know we’ve already seen all of the parties. We can just dance to this.”

Song Title: Dance to This | Artist: Troye Sivan| Album: Bloom

“Maybe we can learn to love each other.”

Song Title: Give A Little | Artist: Maggie Rogers

“Send me on my way.”

Song Title: Send Me On My Way| Artist: Send Me On My Way

“Cause I can’t get you off my mind.”

Song Title: Lost In Japan| Artist: Shawn Mendes

“If they don’t hear me they better hear me now though.

Song Title: Pure| Artist: Kojey Radical

“Emptying all my pockets ’til I don’t feel a thing.”

Song Title: Finest Hour| Artist: Cash Cash

“I’ma do just what I want on the regular.”

Song Title: S.L.U.T.| Artist: Bea Miller

“Tell why you’re waiting for so long.”

Song Title: Tell Me Why| Artist: Russ

“Maybe it was me who brought you here. I should run the other way, but I stay right here.”

Song Title: Fool For You| Artist: Snoh Aalegra

“I can’t help myself when you’re around.”

Song Title: Fuck Feelings| Artist: Olivia O’Brien| Album: It’s Not That Deep

“And it breaks my heart to see you happy.”

Song Title: Happy Without Me| Artist: Chloe X Halle

“Maybe I need to stir up shit, preferably. Shake the world up if it were up to me.”

Song Title: The Ringer| Artist: Eminem

Create • Capture • Collaborate




Just What I Want
I captured this on the streets of Manhattan, New York. It was my first time being in NYC and this particular sketch caught my eye.

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