Going to the doctor

Going to the doctor’s office always feels like an assembly line. Yet it’s never as easy as ordering from a drive-thru. I wish it was as easy as the way they treat you. It doesn’t make sense to me, yet I still reach out for possible treatments that I’ll have to wait and see through. Going to the doctor makes me feel more like a fool.

The nurse called me  a lovely lady. I don’t feel lovely, but thank you anyway. She asked me how I was doing four times – once after weighing me, another after taking my temperature, again after taking my blood pressure, and again after asking what brings me to the doctor. Are they listening or just recording? What is it exactly that these health specialists do?

Going to the doctor feels like a maze I have to get through. Rarely do I come from the doctor and understand my sayings of “thank you”. Maybe one day it’ll be different. Till then I dream of a doctor’s space that I’ll be excited to go to.





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