Healing at HALIKHA

HALIKHA ~ means “Come and Create!” (Halika Na + Maglikha!) A space as a cultural hub for creatives to come together, share and “tambay”. This space is rooted in our connection to our ancestors. We step foot into the space to honor them. We use our sacred energy to create, to heal, and share the bayanihan spirit with the community. We are calling in all makers and shakers willing & open to help us circle in ceremony to bless and activate this new community space we are building & cultivating- a place to incubate our arts & expression for our kapwa and our collective ancestors before us & beyond.


Have you been to Halikha? How are you healing?

My first time…

I captured a Diwata Project ‘KAAN’ Healing Nourishing Filipino Food | Kamayan


My second time…

I reserved the day to attend a full day of healing through Yoga, Ancestral Food, Music, Cannabis, Movement, Sound healing and Reiki – KAPWA CLINIC


My third time…

I experienced a sound bath from Neil Belen

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 11.12.01 PM

I’m so grateful for this space! 🙏 Thank you Halikha.

If you’re curious about Halikha visit:

Follow @_halikha_ on instagram

135 N. Ave 50 Los Angeles, California 90042

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