Hi there! My name is

Marnin Grace {mar-neen}.

A Southern-California grown

1st gen Filipinx-American


based in West Hollywood, Tongva Territory.

I am most inspired with sustaining wellness, self-help, and personal development behind-the-scenes. I enjoy the process in gathering both personal & professional life experiences, to uniquely service the value of practice rather than just performance to reach creative-influenced goals.

When in motion, you can find me

creating for a video project,

capturing healing music modalities, and

collaborating in my GALAW sessions!

Holding space for what is real yet heavy can provide magic when paired with nonjudgmental curiosity.


My intention is to provide influential examples that embrace the powers of shadows while carving spaces for light in the midst of a creative production process.

Marns Motions serves as a platform that prioritizes the importance of holding space for the heavy while taking shape for the curious with the practice of silver lining sight.