I Hate My Mom

“I hate my mom.” These four words were all I could hear in my head for the past 6 years. Every year,  Mother’s Day would come around and I would feel completely left out. I had suffered a falling out with the woman who brought me into this world. Like an uprooted flower, I lost … Continue reading I Hate My Mom

Meeting Minimalism

I desire to bring  value to my life. I want to say goodbye to the distractions and live an intentional life. I want to honor my curiosities and strive to live life with my own light.     I'm curious to see where in my life I have the guts to let go.     … Continue reading Meeting Minimalism


Little Things = Huge Deals

Recently someone pointed out to me that I get really excited over little things. I thought about this...and they were absolutely right! I am extremely fascinated by tiny things - with my 5 foot filipino features tiny things especially make me feel like a big deal. Metaphorically speaking, I do also enjoy the little things. … Continue reading Little Things = Huge Deals

Staple 3 | Playlist – Sticky Situation

STICKY SITUATION Click  ↑ to listen Staple 3 Playlist "Singing my life with his words. Breaking us down when they all should let us be.  I still feel alone, can't help but check my phone.  I don't need your poison around me. Keep that shit the fuck over there please. Don't act like you don't … Continue reading Staple 3 | Playlist – Sticky Situation

Staple 1 | Playlist – I Haven’t Forgotten

I haven't forgotten about my playlists! If you've been anticipating January's playlist, there's a good reason for the delay. But before you get to listening & groovin' , let me say a few words about the changes coming your way: As the 2017 year came to it's end I had encountered a moment that made me … Continue reading Staple 1 | Playlist – I Haven’t Forgotten