Louder Now | MMMM Playlist #16

“You’re the love of my life put you before anything. It’s you I see when I close my eyes.”
– Trevor Wesley

My favorite lyric from last month’s music playlist goes to BAE by Trevor Wesley

Select lyrics were chosen to create this poem, all which are words of artists from this month’s playlist – I hope you’ll enjoy what you see and hear !   Continue reading “Louder Now | MMMM Playlist #16”


Can You Believe? | MMMM Playlist #15

“Well, I’m too busy for your business
Go find a girl who wants to listen
‘Cause if you think I was born yesterday
You have got me wrong so I cut you off
I don’t need your love”

My favorite lyric from last month’s music playlist goes to IDGAF by Dua Lipa

For this month’s playlist, I decided to try something new – I was listening to the lyrics of each song and decided to form a poem that reflects some of the inspiration towards selecting these songs. I hope you enjoy what you see & become curious with what you hear!

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Bare Your Truth

“Bare your truth…no matter what these truths look like.” – Margaret Hobson

Creativity takes an amount of curiosity. It does not cling to fear instead, it indulges playfully in the “what if’s” & “maybe’s”. I believe it takes a brave heart to bare your truths publicly, and I appreciate Margaret Hobson for having me capture her process through dancing. Continue reading “Bare Your Truth”

No Regrets | MMMM Playlist #14

“Your every wish is my command
With the Gin and tonic in your hand
Only words that me and you can understand
Pretending that nobody knows
We’re already in the cab home ”

My favorite lyric from last month’s music playlist goes to History by Cosmo’s Midnight

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