No Regrets | MMMM Playlist #14

“Your every wish is my command
With the Gin and tonic in your hand
Only words that me and you can understand
Pretending that nobody knows
We’re already in the cab home ”

My favorite lyric from last month’s music playlist goes to History by Cosmo’s Midnight

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If you listen, what would you be inspired by?

I was happy to bring Ally’s concept to life as she shared with me her ideas. Capturing the message with movement as she creates choreography alongside a powerful poem she was inspired by called “Listen Asshole”. I was very proud to be able to capture these women in a space that felt safe for them to express their movements in a way personal to them as they tap into the words of the poem. Dancers have a type of ear at listening to the sounds they move to. I’ve always admired that. I hope you find something to admire as you open your mind to a video with some strong minds, cultured curves, and moving words. Continue reading “If you listen, what would you be inspired by?”

It’s Okay

It’s okay to say “No, that’s not okay.”  It’s okay to walk away.

I’ve recently had to set assertive boundaries because of my mental health. I guess in some way you can say I went through an emotional cardiac arrest with someone who’s role is very close.  I’ve come to learn through my own experience, that those that cause you pain can be the closest to you and that characteristic alone of a relationship makes it hard to let go.  Because of current mental instability, I took it upon myself to check myself in the psychiatric hospital and take the time to pull the mental weeds & re-grow more through therapy.  Since then I’ve relied on support from my trusted “friemily” ♥ (friend-family) and taken time off work to get my mind organized. After much reflection, I’ve decided to take care of myself by moving forward and begin sharing my story as I go through my journey of keeping myself motivated to move forward as well.  Continue reading “It’s Okay”

Marns Motions Monthly Music Playlist 12

This Marns Motions Monthly Music Playlist is brought to you by last month’s emotional whirlwinds. HA! I’ve got songs from artists like Skip Marley, Kojey Radical, and Emily King. I resonated with these songs last month during my mental obstacles and decided to share them in hopes that it may help those that need them like I do too! June’s sound escape playlist is titled, It’s Funny including 30 songs for you to enjoy!

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7 Ways I Calm My Mind

This month of May has been mentally tough for me so I decided that due to particular events that have happened this month – I will use this negative energy to take initiative and step forward to speaking up on the issues that are important to me. This month is National Mental Health Awareness Month and I’m sharing 7 things I like to do when my Depression & PTSD symptoms arise: Continue reading “7 Ways I Calm My Mind”

Marns Motions Monthly Music Playlist 11

Since I’m no longer doing Playlists weekly, I’ve re-named ‘MMMM Playlist’ to Marns Motions Monthly Music Playlist. I’ve also decided to title this month’s sound escape  When You Sip from the Grapevine including 31 songs for you to enjoy.

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