So Let Me| MMMM Playlist #18

“And I know, and I know, and I know Some things ain’t in my control One thing I can’t control is I owe it to my soul.”

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Something New | MMMM Playlist #17

“You wanna prove you’re the better man
You wanna reach for the things that nobody can
Oh all you need is to break away, yeah
Just keep telling yourself there’s no shame”

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Self-Care Takes Practice 😅

I was reading an article on Psychology Today titled, ‘Why Self-Care is Hard for Depressed Individuals’  and it inspired me to share a bit of vulnerability as I wrap up my night.

In an older blog post, I mention that I struggle with mental illness, specifically Major Depression & PTSD. Ever since that post I have been taking my strides to rid my shames creatively and speak openly about my personal experiences with my mental illness. Which brings me to this current blog post Continue reading “Self-Care Takes Practice 😅”

Keeping 26 Things

Tomorrow I will be 27  – officially at 1:00am | October 25

I tend to struggle to see my birthday with a positive light for various reasons. Sometimes I forget the little things that I like about living. So I decided to get creative by making this list of 26 things that will serve as a healing reminder that I’ve got plenty to look forward to.

So, before I’m another day older, I leave you with a list of

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Louder Now | MMMM Playlist #16

“You’re the love of my life put you before anything. It’s you I see when I close my eyes.”
– Trevor Wesley

My favorite lyric from last month’s music playlist goes to BAE by Trevor Wesley

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