Going to the doctor

Going to the doctor's office always feels like an assembly line. Yet it's never as easy as ordering from a drive-thru. I wish it was as easy as the way they treat you. It doesn't make sense to me, yet I still reach out for possible treatments that I'll have to wait and see through. [...]


STAPLE 7 – Just What I Want

CLICK ↑ TO LISTEN STAPLE 7 PLAYLIST “You know we've already seen all of the parties. We can just dance to this.” Song Title: Dance to This | Artist: Troye Sivan| Album: Bloom “Maybe we can learn to love each other.” Song Title: Give A Little | Artist: Maggie Rogers “Send me on my way.” [...]

Beautiful Different

What have you judged negatively silly? Haven't you heard, these traits make you more than worthy. Love is here for you beautiful. You are what you need, it's time you see what you can do. Sit still as you are, let difference pave the way. Watch the judgmental fools , so confused. Don't take their [...]

Rewrite The Story

Growing up scarred , I hoped no one saw the real heart. The pulse of one that was bleeding in pain - let's just make this creative and call it a gain. I need to replay this, I need to rewrite this part, the spaces I dismissed when conditions were hard. No one knew and [...]


Click ↑ to listen Staple 6 Playlist “Don't worry about me, I'm doing good, I'm doing great alright.” Song Title: Pretty Ugly | Artist: Tierra Whack | Album: Whack World “I know it's funny, but it's true.” Song Title: Body Count | Artist: Jessie Reyez | Album: Body Count “I know what you like baby.” [...]

It was time

"It was time to break apart the layers that I once gathered individually for myself. I discovered that it was more than necessary to strip down to the core, I slipped like a glitch and forgot what I cared about, I didn't care for "showing up" anymore."     Here are just a few responses [...]

Calm & Collected

A good amount of curiosity has been flowing regarding my moving away from the sunshine-y state of California. Today, I'll be entertaining that CURiOUS flow! These are the questions that I turn to today as I practice curbing my negativity for productive ways: What do you turn to when your negative mind gets really loud? [...]