Click ↑ to listen Staple 6 Playlist “Don't worry about me, I'm doing good, I'm doing great alright.” Song Title: Pretty Ugly | Artist: Tierra Whack | Album: Whack World “I know it's funny, but it's true.” Song Title: Body Count | Artist: Jessie Reyez | Album: Body Count “I know what you like baby.” [...]



I'M NEEDED Click ↑ to listen Staple 5 Playlist “Need a little more than participation.”  Song Title: What I Need | Artist: Hayley Kiyoko ft. Kehlani “Got a little lion in me, I ain't ever tamin' shit” Song Title: ICY GIRL Baemix | Artist: Saweetie ft. Kehlani “All of the lies I just wanna believe. [...]

Staple 4 | Rain or Shine

RAIN OR SHINE Click ↑ to listen Staple 4 Playlist “Hear the way he sings and the way he plays his instrument.  Yeah, you just want attention, I knew from the start. Fuck ya'll though, I'm a keep on winnin' I got angels all around me, y'all can keep on sinnin'. I don't need you [...]

Staple 3 | Playlist – Sticky Situation

STICKY SITUATION Click  ↑ to listen Staple 3 Playlist "Singing my life with his words. Breaking us down when they all should let us be.  I still feel alone, can't help but check my phone.  I don't need your poison around me. Keep that shit the fuck over there please. Don't act like you don't [...]

STAPLE 2 | Playlist – I HIDE IT

I HIDE IT Click  ↑ to listen Staple 2 Playlist "No this ain't the clean version. They don't want to see you win, so it's fuck 'em till the end. And they always gonna hate, always gonna have some shit to say. I gotta say I'm in the mood for a little bit of all [...]

So Let Me| MMMM Playlist #18

“And I know, and I know, and I know Some things ain't in my control One thing I can't control is I owe it to my soul.” – MAURICE MOORE My favorite lyric from last month’s music playlist goes to C'EST LA VIE by Maurice Moore. Select lyrics were chosen to create this poem, words from artists in [...]